Zoom Classes Every Mon & Thurs. Plus Gracie Weekend Webinars

Links  are  sent  via  email  weekly.  

In addition, all students get a Private Lesson via Zoom included in their Monthly Tuition (2x month).

Colt is Available Mon - Thur between 10am - 4pm for Bullyproof. 

Kent is Available Tuesdays 4-8pm and many other times by request. 

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Tuition Discount and at home Training

Reminder  that  tuition  paid  during  COVID  closure  will  make    you eligible for tuition discounts  over  the  remainder  of  2020  once  we  reopen.    More  detail  to  come  as  local  government  approves  next  steps.  

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Your support and contributions enable us to meet our goals and yours. Your generous donation during this challenging time will fund the continued operation of our joint mission.

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